6 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

6 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

Add something unique and thoughtful to your baby shower gift.

Onsies, diapers, pacifiers and crib sheets are always a must for a baby shower gift because let's face it, all baby's do the first few months are eat, sleep and poop. With that being said, maybe you want to gift something just a little more special that maybe nobody else will think of. 

Here are a few ideas any new mom is sure to love!


1. Floral baby closet clothing dividers- adorable way to organize all the many onesies and outfits gifted for easy access all day long and as baby grows!

Baby Closet Dividers


2. Personalized earring stand- If you know the baby's ears will be pierced, here is an adorable way to display earrings and to see all the many options to make getting ready every day with baby fun and exciting. 

Personalized Earring Stand


3. Isn't she lovely pennant nursery decor- every mom loves decorating their babies nursery, so why not gift a little something special for her to hang up and enjoy! Baby will also have something cute to look at too!

Isn't She Lovely Pennant Flag


4. Personalized name rattan letters- If you already know the baby's name this is a great gift for a new mom. Whether you decide to gift the first letter of the baby's name or their whole name, this is a gift that will be cherished for many years and will grow with baby, whatever new thing they decide to love that month or year. This style is very versatile with any type of room decor.

Personalized Rattan Letters for Nursery


5. Rad little lightening bolt keychain- this keychain would make the perfect addition to any diaper bag or maybe you want to top a gift you're giving with something special.

Diaper Bag Keychain


6. Baby monthly milestone photo props- The first year goes by so fast and every new mom wants to capture those special moments. These wooden milestone markers are a perfect way to do just that! They will also be able to keep them for future babies as well or even keep them as a keepsake. Another great way to use them is to print out a photo for each month and attach it to the appropriate month and use it for babies first birthday.

Eucalyptus Milestone Markers for Photos